Contemporary Landscape Art Books

All books contain numerous paintings done on location by a group of some 20 artists.

To purchase books please call 805-969-5781 or email

The Santa Clara Valley of Ventura County - $75
The Easton Gallery, 2002

- Text by Judith P. Triem
- 152 pages
- over 100 color reproduction and photographs

"It's a clear January morning as I drive through the Santa Clara Valley. Three years ago when I started this project I hardly knew this special valley so close to my home in Santa Barbara. Many memories come back to me as I …"

Gardens of Santa Barbara - $75
The Easton Gallery, 2000

- Text by Sharon Crawford
- 168 pages
- over 100 color reproductions

"The early Santa Barbara garden designers Lockwood and Elizabeth de Forest had a significant impact on Santa Barbara gardens. Their views on the qualities of a good garden still ring true: The uses of a garden are not overcomplicated. First, they are a place to grow plants for food or flowers for pleasure. Second, they are places to enjoy, places to walk through …"

Ranchos – Santa Barbara Land Grant Ranchos - $75
The Easton Gallery, 1996

- Text by Bjorn Rye
- 152 pages
- including pencil drawings, color reproductions, photographs and brands

"This book began in June 1992 as Glenna Hartmann and I were driving up the coast between Santa Barbara and Gaviota across land that was once part of the vast Nuestra Senora del Refugio land grant. After weeks of wet gloom, the fog had …"